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Cardano Foundation Addresses Censorship On Social Media

The Cardano Foundation is addressing a really important subject these days – the censorship on social media.

The team behind the project recently shared the following tweet:

Someone said: “fiercely debated on both sides by pro-censorship advocates and defendants of free speech” Social media censorship is not a free-speech issue. Free speech guarantees the (limited) right of expression, free of Government reprisal. Anti-ToS crusaders are NOT defending free speech.”

Cardano posted: “Some would argue that social media platforms should be considered a public utility. Our question to the community is, should social media be centralized and federated or decentralized and/or confederated? Why?.”

One follower posted this message: “It’s ironic that this has been posted on Twitter, the MOST blatant offenders of one-sided censorship.”

The subject definitely triggered a debate in the comments among the community as expected.

Cardano has been making headlines these days due to various achievements and plans.

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson addresses the US election

In other news, Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson posted a tweet recently that had some people in the community upset.

His tweet triggered a massive debate in the comments as you will see below. Things are not over in the US yet, and the counting continues.

Hoskinson also offered a solution for fraud and manipulation in an election.

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